USB Charger Socketx2, 1 Module MK Honeywell Avant Charcoal

RS2,272.50 Vat incl.

Features and Benefits:

-Charges devices with a USB connection eg Touchscreen
Tablets, Smartphones, MP3 Players, Games Consoles,
E-Book Readers, Cameras, Navigation Devices, PDAs

– Use just one charger for all devices – avoid having to store,
locate or carry a multitude of chargers and adaptors, keep
surfaces clear with no need for a tangle of cable

-Features two 5V outlets with a combined total of 2Amps

-Dust proof USB port shutter

– Can be installed using a standard, 3×3 surface and recessed box, 35mm deep – making
this an ideal retrofit product

-Zero standby power consumption, auto disconnect when
plug removed

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