Solar Floodlight 3 colors (daylight, coolwhite and warmwhite) 200W With Sensor and Remote STG03-200

RS3,450.00 Vat incl.

Power Rating:200W
Brightness:960 lumen when fully charged
Lamp Material:Aluminium+PC
Lamp Size:W189mmxH247mmxD50mm
Battery Capcity:3.2V 15AH LiFePO4
Solar Panel Capacity:6V 20W Polycrystalline
Dimming Level available:20/40/60/80/100%
Sunny and Cloudy day selection
Time control:2/4/6hrs
Beam Angle: 90 degrees
Install Height:2-3metres
Lighting Time:12hrs
Raining days:2-3 days
IP Rating:IP65

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