Rapid Disinfection UVC Purification Light 38W

RS2,690.00 Vat incl.

  • Power:38W
  • Control Mode:10 meter wireless remote control
  • Coverage Area: 30-40 square metres
  • UV Wavelength:253.7mm
  • Rated Voltage:220V
  • Service Life:8000 hrs
  • Rated Frequency:50Hz
  • Timing Mode: Electronic timing
  • Product Size:height 45cm, base 18cm
  • Functions:Sterilize areas and destroy bacteria and virus DNA to stop their reproduction. Kills Mites.
  • Suitable for: Residential Houses and Appartments, Hotels, Beauty Salons, Entertainment places, Malls, Clinics and hospitals, restaurants, food factory, Offices, Cleaning companies, Retail Shops, Homes

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