Polyester Enclosure Lockable IP66 400x300x200mm TIBOX – TIP 430

RS3,450.00 Vat incl.

  • Enclosure Material: Polyester, consists of min 30% fiberglass
  • Door with lock system, enclosure and wall mount.
  • Resistance against rusting and corrosion by chemical or atmospherically condition.
  • Easy to machine, easy to move around and install because of its lightness, door hinges allows more than 180°opening.
  • Box Color: Grey
  • IP Rating: IP66 according to standards IEC EN 60529
  • Can Accomodate:2 rowsx12 single pole breaker=total 24pcs breakers
  • Matching Accessories:  Modular Kit :MDTT43:Modular Kit For Polyester Box 400×300 MDTT43
  •                                           Perforated Plate Ref. TI-430P:Perforated Plate for Polyester Enclosure 400×300 TI430 Tibox

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