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Led Solar Floodlight 100W + Solar Panel Daylight With Remote Control TG-S18 100W

RS2,650.00 Vat incl.

  • Wattage:100W
  • Led Type SMD2835
  • Lumen:10000
  • Illuminating Space:130m2 at height 3-5metres
  • CCT:Daylight,6500K
  • Beam Angle:120 degrees
  • Remote Control:To control brightness and lighting time
  • IP Rating:IP65
  • Lamp Material:Aluminium
  • Charge and Discharge:About 1300-1500 times
  • Battery:Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Battery Capacity:3.2V/24000mAh
  • Solar Panel:6V/26Wpolysilicon
  • Charging Time:4-7hrs
  • Cable Length from lamp to panel:5metres
  • Lighting time:12-15 hours per day;back up 2-3 rainy days, intelligent power control
  • Lamp Size:235x182x50mm
  • Panel Size:530x350x18mm
  • Lifetime:50000hrs
  • Installation Height:3-5metres
  • Remarks:To maximise charging, ensure that the panel is placed in a direction where it will be exposed to maximum sunlight.

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