Solar products are becoming more and more popular as people want to save more on electricity bills and also it is more friendly to the  environment. With this surge in demand, comes many offers for solar lights with all kinds of models and price ranges.

So how to choose the best quality solar lights at the price it is worth.

Below are the features you need to look into for the choice for a solar light.

1.Solar Panel Size

A more powerful solar panel will require less charging time and will be able to capture more energy to be stored in the battery

2.Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is very important also to ensure that it can store enough energy so that the light can remain lighted for at least 12hrs. A bigger capacity also ensures that the light can remain lighted few days during rainy days.  An example, a 4W led light with a battery capacity of 2000mAh will allow it to light the whole night. So in case you find a light of 40W with a battery of 2000mAh or less, it is certain that it will only light for 1.5-2hrs as it cannot store that much energy. Its price will certainly be lower than another light 40W with a battery of 10000mAh.

3.The Light Wattage

Check that the wattage mentioned is the real one as some lights are sold as 200w or higher wattage but in fact their brightness can be only 25% to 50% of the real wattage. So go around and compare different lights from different suppliers.

4.Casing Material

Aluminum Die Cast casing are more weatherproof and will last longer than iron casing. This will also make a difference in durability and the pricing.

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